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Organizations undergo major changes while they decide to perform email migration. At first glance, email migration might seem like an easy task but beware as the email platforms are complex, layered applications. Any meager change can result in loss of user's important data that is left behind without cautious planning and understanding of all the elements involved in migration. Therefore, administrators should plan safe and reliable migration of user mailboxes from one server to the other. Also, they need to ensure that the migration does not affect the routine work-flow or cause any data loss to the user.

This is where range of migration tools becomes helpful to administrators. Using our email migration range of software, you can perform email conversion without any in-depth knowledge about email migration. Simply install the software, follow the instructions in User's Help Guide and perform email conversion; that's it.

We offer a wide range of email migration tools that perform migration for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino Server, MS Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, MS Outlook and Outlook Express. Our array of email migration tools is devised to perform accurate and quick migration from email databases or directly from email servers.

Email Migration becomes vital when organizations or individuals decide to upgrade to new email applications. Based on our experience of more than a decade, we offer an eminent range of email migration products addressing the major areas of planning to help you make sure a successful and pain-free email migration. Owing to their interactive user-interface, our range of email migration tools offer ease of email conversion to even a novice user.

Benefits and Features of Email Migration Tools
  • Reduces time required for Email migration.
  • Preserves formatting without hampering data integrity of original data.
  • Do not require technical expertise to perform email migration.
  • Minimized costs of email migration of hundreds of computers in an organizations.
  • Allows seamless access to data in archive folders after migration.
  • Support Unicode Character Conversion.
  • Easy, speedy and comprehensive Email migration.
  • Software comes along User's Help Guide embedded in the application itself.

All of email migration tools are available as free evaluation version so that you can have a close look at the interface of the software. Free evaluation versions work similar to the full version (except a few limitations) and therefore they help you to evaluate the working and features of the software before making the actual purchase.


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